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Radiant Heating in Sacramento, Truckee, Tahoe and the Bay Area

Radiant heating systems offer a number of options over traditional heating. Thanks to their quiet efficiency, radiant heating in Sacramento and the Bay Area is one of the best options for your home.

Retrofitting Radiant Floor Heating

One of the most energy efficient decisions that homeowners in the Bay Area make with regard to their heating is retrofitting radiant floor heating. Unlike traditional central forced air heating that can blow around pollen, dust and allergens, radiant floor heating comes up from the floor. This radiant heat provides a more even room temperature and saves on heating costs overall.

Ancient Technology with Modern Appeal

Radiant heating as a technology has been around for centuries In new home construction, radiant heating is often installed as part of the process, however in recent years, it has become much more popular to retrofit radiant heating into the home.

There are two main types of radiant floor heating: heating the floor with electric resistance cables or using the hot water that's flowing inside of your plumbing tubes.

Electric Radiant Heating Systems

These types of systems are supplemental to a home and are generally not considered the main source of heating. They're often installed under ceramic tile, although they can also be installed just as easily under laminate flooring or engineered hardwood floors.

Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems

This type of heating system, unlike electric radiant heat, is designed to heat your entire home. The water is first heated by a boiler and then circulated under the floors.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Whether you live in Sacramento, Truckee, Tahoe or the Bay Area, radiant heating offers you a number of benefits that make it a comfortable and energy efficient choice.

Radiant Heating is Energy Efficient

Radiant heat can make the room feel warmer by consuming less energy, saving you an average of 15% on heating bills.

Radiant Heating Lets You Design Freely and Frees Up Space

Radiant heating also means you can free up more space and enjoy greater design freedom. Because you don't have to worry about a radiator taking up space on your walls, you can decorate your walls as you see fit. A small thing, but one that nevertheless lets you express your personality and design taste the way you want!

And in addition to more space on your walls, having underfloor heating lets you make the most of your floor space as well. Underfloor radiant heating works with laminate, wood, stone, carpet and tile.

The Benefits are In What You Don't See and Hear, Instead of What You Do

One of the biggest benefits of radiant heat is what you don't see or hear. Forget clunky radiators making noise throughout the night, loud vents spewing dust and debris and no temperature differences in the room that cause you to need to open a door or window and watch all those energy savings go right out along with bringing the fresh air in.

What's the Difference Between Radiant Heat and Conventional Heating?

Radiant heating is more than just energy efficiency and aesthetics. With this type of setup, hot water tubes or electric wires under the floor provide heat by waves of thermal radiation. Anything that this heat hits is warmed up, and that heat is radiated throughout the room, keeping the temperature stable and comfortable.

Compare that to conventional heating, where air blows out at around 120 degrees, and because heat rises, which means it feels like there are "layers" of heat. Even when the heat stops, it's possible that your head or body will feel warm while your toes will feel cold, even though the thermostat reads 70. As you might imagine, this constant sensation can cause you to want to turn up the heat, causing an increase in your heating bills and not adding much to your overall comfort.

Have Your Radiant Heating System Installed by Professionals

Radiant heat is one of the most popular types of heating systems in Sacramento, Truckee, Tahoe and the Bay Area, and it's easy to see why. With its emphasis on energy efficiency and comfort, this type of heating is a great choice for new construction and existing homes alike.

If you'd like to know more about having radiant heating installed in your home, or you have questions about the best type of radiant heating or retrofitting radiant heating into your home, we'd be glad to help. Contact us today and we'll perform a detailed cost analysis and inspection of your home to provide you with the best and most affordable radiant heating system, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort and savings that radiant heat provides throughout your home!

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